Emergency Response Partnership

Emergency Response Partnership

Your response within 48 hours may be critical in determining whether your business fully recovers. Partnering with Rescue Restoration can mean the difference between effective operational recovery and economic ruin.

Planning Before Disaster Strikes

ERP membership begins with the development of structured response procedures that integrate seamlessly with your current emergency and recovery plan. If you do not have an emergency and recovery plan in place, Rescue Restoration can help you develop a plan. We educate ourselves about your critical systems and facilities. If and/or when a disaster strikes, this strategic planning will save substantial time and money during recovery. We can often recommend practical, proven steps to prevent or solve potential problems before they become reality.

ERP Response
  • Stabilization of the structure, making it safe and secure.
  • Prevent further damage through mitigation and remediation efforts.
  • Assessment and scope of damage.
  • Coordination with your team to implement needed actions and determine priorities.
  • Structured recovery process to restore your facility to pre-loss condition or better.
ERP Benefits
  • Emergency services 24/7, 365 days a year, including holdays
  • A dedicated account representative available to assist you throughout the recovery process.
  • Immediate and effective action in the salvage and protection of assets the minute the Rescue Restoration arrives.
  • Immediate integration of the ERP plan

*A Rescue Restoration representative will be happy to assist you in choosing a plan that is best suited to your individual business needs. For more information and ERP details, please contact 786.280.2278