Fire Restoration


Fire Damage Can Be Devestating To You And Your Family

In a typical scenario after a fire, when the fire trucks leave the property and the caution tapes are torn down, most people think that the danger is no longer present. However, lurking underneath the ashes there may remain other hazardous conditions. That is because during the fire, some volatile vapors and soot residues accumulate on structural surfaces and contents. This usually happens by the rising, expanding air, as well as the mechanical and/or current driven air, which transfer those elements to different areas and surfaces of the property.

Pro-longed neutralization, cleaning, and corrosion control leads to higher restoration costs as well as escalating cost of damages. Combustion releases harmful toxins into the environment capable of aggravating respiratory illness, or other medical conditions. The following is a timeline of the effects of fire and smoke on a home:

Minutes: Acid soot residues cause plastics to yellow; small appliances located close to the source of combustion discolor; highly porous materials (marble, alabaster) discolor permanently.

Hours: Acid residues stain grout in bathrooms; fiberglass bath fixtures may yellow; uncoated metals tarnish, counter tops may yellow; finishes on appliances, particularly refrigerators, may yellow; furniture finishes may discolor.

Days: In time, acid residues cause painted walls to yellow permanently; metal corrodes, pits and rusts; wood furniture requires refinishing; vinyl flooring requires refinishing or replaceĀ­ment; clothing becomes soot stained; upholstery stains permanently.

Weeks: Restoration costs escalate tremendously. Synthetic carpet fibers may yellow or discolor permanently; silver plate is corroded permanently; glass, crystal, china may require replacement due to severe etching and pitting caused by prolonged exposure to acid soot residues.

What You Can Expect

Rescue Restoration Services professionals will develop an accurate project cost estimate and completion schedule. Rescue Restoration Services can then, initiate work immediately upon authorization. The fire remediation process includes hazard communication, thorough assessment and documentation, state of the art fire restoration equipment, inspection and monitoring tools. Our professionals will install controls to protect the health and safety of occupants. Control practices includes the mobilization of air filtration devices, carbon vapor filtration, HEPA vacuuming of all surfaces, and the establishment of exhaust fans, removing, filtering and recycling contaminants present in the air. Our professionals will properly administer comprehensive cleaning methods, remove soot, treat and neutralize smoke odor, as well as decontaminate affected items and materials. Throughout the process continuing testing, monitoring, management and expert consultation will be provided. A written report will be provided to you following the remediation process and will be forwarded to your adjuster in a timely manor. The property will be secured during and following the fire damage remediation process.

Pack Outs

Rescue Restoration Services can move your possessions to our warehouses for restoration and storage. Our professionals will carefully wrap, label and itemize your contents and return them to you upon request or following the remediation process. Damaged contents can be restored in our large, well equipped facility. On-site contents restoration will be performed, considering your contents are salvageable. If contents are deemed unsalvageable, we will dispose off them properly, in accordance with federal, state and local rules and regulations. All contents are handled with care while thoroughly cleaning (specialized), decontaminating and neutralizing odor.

Pack-outs and pack-ins undergo detailed documentation, including photos, labeling and itemization to ensure the safety of your contents. Pack-outs are performed to protect items from further damage, if the contents require extensive restoration, and if security may be of issue.