Mold Remediation


Dont Let Mold Affect Your Health and Property

Mold becomes a problem inside a home or business when there's excessive humidity or moisture for an extended period of time. It is important for the well being of you and your family and/or occupants, as well as the preservation of your property, to conduct a mold remediation as soon as the presence of mold is identified.

What You Can Expect

Rescue Restoration Services professionals will develop an accurate project cost estimate and completion schedule. Rescue Restoration Services can then, initiate work immediately upon authorization. The first step is to establish containment to protect the unaffected areas from cross-contamination.

Our professionals will install controls to protect the health and safety of occupants. Control practices includes the mobilization of air filtration devices, HEPA vacuuming of all surfaces, and the establishment of negative pressure, removing, filtering and recycling contaminants present in the air. Our professionals ensure identification, and address the moisture intrusion through thorough evaluation and dehumidification. Our professionals will properly remove, administer comprehensive cleaning methods, as well as decontaminate affected items and materials.

Throughout the process continuing testing, monitoring, management and expert consultation will be provided. Prior to rebuilding, during the post remediation phase, our staff will coordinate with a third party assessment company to perform a post remediation verification report to assure post remediation clearance criteria have been met.